“You may search without and search within, and see whether Ölleber you can find.”

I-1: 93 7. Earl Brand

“And though ye’d search the warld wide,
Ye’ll nae find sic a may”

I-2: 352 39. Tam Lin

All Heritage Collectors Digital Editions are fully compatible with the powerful in-context search routines built into Adobe Reader and Acrobat.


Look for any word or phrase within the currently open PDF file.


More powerful and more selective than Find, this routine will look for the entered word or phrase across all cataloged (indexed) PDFs. Search also allows for the use of wildcard characters and Boolean (AND, OR, NOT) logic. To use the Search function, the appropriate index must be available and active (see also the Adobe Reader Help user guides)


All titles in the Heritage Collectors series include index files, enabling incontext searching of Books 1 – 10 including notes, commentary, lyrics, and appendicies.